Olympic (2 Inch) Open Hex Trap Bar

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The trap bar, also known as an Olympic Hex Bar, is used by bodybuilders and exercise enthusiasts primarily for Shrugs as well as Squats, Deadlifts & some other exercises. It consists of bars that are bent into angles and welded into a hexagonal shape (hence the name Hex bar).

The open hex bar is designed for added versatility. It has an open end frame for users to enter and exit the bar with ease. This feature also allows a greater range of motion for a wider variety of exercises for strength training. With built-in bar jacks, it can sit upright, which allows you to easily add and remove weight plates.

Weight - 22kg
Length - 1.43m
Max Load - 300kg
Sleeve Diameter - 50mm(2 Inch)

Trap Bar Exercises
Bent Over Row
Farmers Walk
Overhead Press
Floor Press