Concept 2 BikeErg PM5 Stationary Bike

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We include the following items with your
✔️Device Holder
✔️BikeErg Product Manual
✔️Performance Monitor Quick Start Guide
✔️Tools and instructions for assembly

Performance Monitor
Every BikeErg includes our most
advanced Performance Monitor, the
PM5. The powerful PM5 provides
repeatable, comparable data for every
ride. The PM5 offers automatic "Just
Ride" mode, or allows you to set up a
variety of workouts. The monitor gives
you a wide range of data, including pace,
watts, cadence (rpm) and Calories and
automatically stores this information. The
PM5 uses power from 2 D-cell batteries
whenever it is not being powered by the
flywheel. Optional device holder allows tablets or
phones to be usedConnect to many apps
with your PM5

Get Connected
The PM5 monitor on the BikeErg has both
Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless
connectivity, allowing it to connect to
many heart rate belts, fitness devices and
apps. The device holder allows you to
easily use a tablet or phone while riding.
Our free Concept2 ErgData app helps you
track your workouts and can sync with the
Concept2 Online Logbook. Third party apps, such as Zwift, can provide
additional features to help keep you

Flywheeland Damper
The BikeErg uses the same flywheel
design as our indoor rowers and SkiErg to
create a responsive, continuous ride. The
flywheel puts you in full control of your
exertion and resistance at all times. The
damper allows you to quickly adjust the
airflow to the flywheel during the
workout. This has a similar effect to
changing gears on a bicycle. Opening the
damper and letting more air into the
flywheel is like shifting into a heavier gear
Closing the damper lightens the

Adjustable Saddle and Handlebars
Both the saddle and handlebar positions
are easily adjustable. You can set the
saddle height with our secure and easy
tool-free ratcheting system. The fore and
aft saddle position and angle can be
adjusted for custom fitting. The
handlebars move up and down, and forward and back, and with three
different handlebar riding options, you
can easily find the setting that's best for

Customize Your Ride
Prefer your own set-up? The BikeErg fits
most standard bike parts, so you can
easily use your own saddle, handlebars
and pedals for the ultimate personalized

Chain Free
The BikeErg uses high-strength
polygroove belts rather than a chain for a
quiet ride. The belts are self-tensioning to
help extend life and reduce

Lightweight and Mobile
The BikeErg's aluminum frame makes it
both light and durable, while caster
wheels make it easy to move around. At
just 68 lb (31 kg), it's lighter than most
other stationary bikes.

Easy Assembly
The BikeErg requires very little assembly
and we include all necessary tools and
clear instructions with lots of pictures.

Durable Construction That's Easy to
Our machines are well-known for their
durability and construction. Tough and
built to last, our machines withstand
rigorous use in training centers, living
rooms, hotels, health clubs and military
bases around the world. We make sure
our machines are easy to care for so you
can focus on using your investment, not
maintaining it.