20/32KG Quick Adjustable Dumbbell

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The functionality of these quick changing adjustable dumbbells have an equivalence of up to 16 pairs of dumbbells. They are very simple to use and have great robustness while saving a great deal of space.

20KG (4kg Increment)
6 Quick Changing Selections 2kg,4kg,8kg,12kg,16kg,20kg
Size : 460mm x 260mm x 300mm

32KG (4kg Increment)
9 Quick Changing Selections 2kg,4kg,8kg,12kg,16kg,20kg,24kg,28kg,32kg
Size : 570mm x 260mm x 300mm

20KG (2kg Increment)
10 Quick Changing Selections 2kg,4kg,6kg,8kg,10kg,12kg,14kg,16kg,18kg,20kg
Size : 460mm x 260mm x 300mm

32KG(2kg Increment)
16 Quick Changing Selections 2kg,4kg,6kg,8kg,10kg,12kg,14kg,16kg,18kg,20kg,22kg,24kg,26kg,28kg,30kg,32kg
Size : 570mm x 260mm x 300mm