Half Power Rack (Optional With Lats Attachment)

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Compatible Barbells 
1.8m Olympic Rackable Bar / 2.2m Olympic Bar

▪️Multi Grip Pull Up Bar
▪️Nylon Padded J-Hooks & Spotter Arms
▪️Plates Storage On Both Sides
▪️Max Load 300kg
▪️2x Bar Holder
*Lats & Row Bar Included In Lats Attachment Option.

Rack Add-Ons To Choose From
$178-> Jammer Arms
$127-> Extended Spotter Arms
$127-> Sit Up Bench
$78-> Wrist Trainer
$66-> Landmine
$66-> Dip Bars
$38-> Resistance Band Pins
Rack Add-Ons Are Only Compatible With Our Power Rack. We Do Not Warrant The Fitment On Other Models.

The half rack has only 2 uprights and comes with spotter arms on the front of it that can catch the barbell and other weights, acting as your own personal spotter. These bars are essential for preventing injuries from occurring.
A half rack is also a more economic version as compared to a full rack, both in terms of price and space. So, if your budget and room are rather restricted, a half rack may be a better option.